Physical Education 

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Physical Education 

    A major purpose of physical education is to prepare individuals to be active, healthy, intelligent, and responsible participants in society. The school curriculum should provide for each pupil the opportunities needed for growth and development ( physical, intellectually, emotionally and socially) to the full extent of the individual’s potential abilities. This course may NOT be repeated for credit after one full credit of Physical Education has been achieved.

   A graduation requirement of one full credit in physical education must be completed by all P.R.H.S. students. All students take one semester during ninth grade and take one semester during tenth grade. All students who have failed to complete Physical Education, and all students who could not be scheduled during freshman and sophomore years, must make up deficiencies during the junior and/or senior years in order to meet the graduation requirements.

   Only those students with legitimate medical excuses verified by a physician shall be exempt from physical education requirements. Medical excuses must be renewed each year. All students are required to change into gym clothes for all classes. After four absences per semester, no credit will be received for that semester unless the classes are made up during the student's free time. The following activities will be offered in Physical Education:

The Plymouth Regional High School Athletics Director is Mr. Todd Austin


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